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Everyone finds themselves in a rut in their career sooner or later.  Is it time for a new job?  Maybe a new career?  Here are some insights and questions one should ask oneself…  See today’s Fortune article:


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There are many negative implications of a poor hire, but one not readily recognized is its impact on a company’s reputation, inside and out. The wrong hire can be viewed externally, as well as, internally as a red flag about a company.

Your Company’s Reputation

As the economy rebounds and competition for top performers intensifies, companies cannot afford to make the wrong hire, especially when trying to attract Millennials. Even a bad experience by a potential candidate, whether hired or not, can impact a company’s reputation. And in this day of social media, these situations can have instant & far-reaching effects on candidates, employees and a company’s workplace.

In an effort to avoid wrong hire, companies are beginning to pay greater attention to the candidate’s experience from the beginning of the hiring process. Companies that actively engage all parties in the process, tend to identify and attract the right candidates quickly, and therefore, hire the best talent. The recruiting firm needs to be part of this process from the beginning. The recruiting firm can bring an objective perspective, streamline the process, and in most cases, can bring best practices to their clients.

A well-developed and efficient hiring process, will keep everyone aligned throughout the process, and will allow the recruiter and the company to develop a positive relationship with the potential candidate built on mutual trust.

This will drastically decrease the probability of a wrong hire!

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James F. Lynch PhD, MBA – Regional Personnel Services ©2017