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We have extended an offer to hire him full time and he has accepted…I would take 10 more of him if you could find them – he is AWESOME!!
Pharmaceutical Client
Vice President, Client Services
Cori is doing great!! She caught on very quickly and the staff love her! Hope she is enjoying this assignment as much as we are enjoying her.
Medical Services Client
Practice Administrator
Samantha is wonderful! She is a great temp-displays professionalism, enthusiasm, tenacity at all times. Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it much.
Logistics Company
Vice President Client Services, Pharmaceutical Division
Martin is doing great – thanks for checking in!
Pharmaceutical Client
Vice President Client Services, Pharmaceutical Division
LOVED HIM – he is hired!
Pharmaceutical Client
Vice President Client Services, Pharmaceutical Division

Regional Personnel is a privately-held, ASA-certified firm providing Management Recruiting and Professional Placement services. As trusted, ASA-certified professionals, we match top talent with businesses of all sizes.

Hire Confidently because…

  • We build trust with our clients AND candidates immediately.
  • We bring to each search a personal and customized approach that differentiates us as one of the most trusted firms in this space.
  • We go beyond simply routing resumes to our clients.  We strive to understand what is not on the resume to ensure a perfect match between our clients’ culture and candidate.
  • Thorough screening process refined over 20+ years, results in only the best candidates for each position.

Benefits to our Clients and Candidates:

  • Fast & precise placements
  • Low turnover