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New Job?   The Most Important Questions to Ask

The first hours, days and weeks of any new job is filled with anticipation and stress – for employee and employer.  Increasing the probably of success depends on being resourceful and taking the initiative on Day One!

Who is invested in my success…?

My advice to any new hire is to identify who is my “go to” person for questions.  The answer to this question forms a single point of accountability (“contract for your success”) between new employee and manager.

Point person is identified, now what….?

The new hire and manager should strive for complete clarity regarding any task or project.  Communication and work styles will be different, but there needs to be a common understanding of what is expected.  Work quality & timeliness can be maximized with one phrase:

“Clarification + Feedback + Expectation (CFE) = No Surprises”

How does this dynamic work…?

This feedback loop works through open & frequent communication.  A new hire can demonstrate initiative by getting face-time for “CFE” with his/her new boss in the early days of any new job.  Some bosses want daily updates, while others are more amenable to compiling questions for weekly meetings.  Some want to know “real-time.”  In terms of which works better will depend on individual styles.  Ask!

Whether entering a family-owned business or a large corporate organization, resourcefulness and initiative are early indicators of future success (failure) for any career.


Best of luck!

Jim Lynch



James F. Lynch PhD, MBA – Regional Personnel Services ©2016

About James F. Lynch

Dr. Lynch founded his first recruiting firm, Strategic Access Inc. (SAI), in 1998 with over 17 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry in business development, new product & market development, strategic alliances, operations & administration. In 2000, Dr. Lynch joined Reliant Pharmaceuticals as a founding member and Executive Director of Business Development, subsequently forming Commercial Operations as Vice President. Dr. Lynch returned to SAI in 2004 to assume the role of President, and in 2014 acquired Regional Personnel.