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Company Culture

A key, but often over-looked, element to a successful new hire.

As every business owner will tell you, the culture within their business is different. Whether it is a corporation, a family-owned & operated business, an industrial or retail business, every one has a unique & distinctive feel. One key to a successful placement lies in the new employee adapting to the company culture surrounding them – quickly. Our role in the overall process as staffing & recruiters, is to find that right match between client and candidate. This takes time, attention to detail, and most importantly, collaboration with the hiring manager and other supportive employees who are critical to the success of the new employee. Assessing a businesses’ overall culture and fit ‘vis a vis’ each candidate is never easy nor straightforward, but is a critical element in the overall hiring process.

Assessing the overall fit between the candidate (i.e., “your future employee”) and a company, is in many cases the difference between successful placement and a mismatch, whether the client is seeking a temporary employee or a permanent placement.

Since 1997, Regional Personnel (, has created, and constantly updates, a massive database of possible candidates, giving us an advantage, as we know “our candidates” and what works from a business cultural fit. Call us today and let us help.


James F. Lynch PhD, MBA – Regional Personnel Services ©2015

About James F. Lynch

Dr. Lynch founded his first recruiting firm, Strategic Access Inc. (SAI), in 1998 with over 17 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry in business development, new product & market development, strategic alliances, operations & administration. In 2000, Dr. Lynch joined Reliant Pharmaceuticals as a founding member and Executive Director of Business Development, subsequently forming Commercial Operations as Vice President. Dr. Lynch returned to SAI in 2004 to assume the role of President, and in 2014 acquired Regional Personnel.